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Now that I’ve taken entirely too long to open up XCode 4, again, I’m starting from scratch. While I have completed the Objective-C class from Future Media Concepts and also the iOS class, I’m in full on development mode now and need a decent refresher.

I’ve decided to run through the Objective-C Essential Training from I want to make it very clear that I am not an affiliate for them. They actually denied me. The following review is as unbiased and real as I can get.

The author, narrator and instructor is Simon Allardice. I’m quite fond of Simon’s teaching style. I flew out to Simi Valley, CA to take a class from him and Robert Reinhardt, some years back. Kudos to Lynda for hiring experienced instructors who can write as well as they can teach. OK, so I’m a little biased to the whole product. Who wouldn’t be?

The course is 05h 59m. It is labeled as beginner. In the first film (Welcome) Simon makes it very clear that all he expects you to know is basic programing and how to use a Mac. In it he covers Objective-C Basics, Program Flow (loops, functions, code snippets, etc), Variables (data types, strings, etc), Classes, Memory Management, Custom Classes, File Management (archiving objects and writing strings), “More Complex Classes” (extending classes, defining protocols, dynamic typing) & Debugging.

My overall review of the course is a positive one. It is very dry and I found myself easily distracted. It was a great review and I did especially love the Memory Management portion. With my yearly membership to I’m sure I’ll be back watching a lesson or two.

For someone getting started with Objective-C I think this is a great course. For the (less than) 6 hours that you’re with Simon you walk away feeling ready to tackle your first application. I do highly recommend Steven Kochan’s book on Programming in Objective-C 2.0. That is and will be a permanent fixture on my desk, at least until I’m writing this in my sleep.



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